Variations Of Roulette

As we know roulette is very popular both in casinos and online. Now at online casinos you will find different variations of roulette to choose from. But you start playing any of these variations you need to know about the rule as well as roulette bets. Learning some roulette secrets will always help you be a winner at roulette table. All the variations of online roulette follows the same basic rules and also played similarly but there are certain differences that you need to understand before you start playing any type of roulette. Given below are descriptions of each variation that you can find online.

The different variations of roulette online are given below:

American Roulette – One of the variations of roulette is American roulette. This variation of roulette is frequently offered in online casinos, this roulette type basically includes single zero as well as double zero. Both cause all bets or everyone to lose except for those who placed their bets specifically on those numbers, which in essence doubles the odds for losing your bet. This game variation of roulette has house edge of 5.26%.

European Roulette – This is one of the roulette variations, commonly preferred by majority of online gamblers. The game is also similar to American style roulette game, but it features on single zero instead of the additional double zero. It has much favorable house edge. The European wheel is numbered 0-36 and is more advantageous and has larger numbers to bet on. European wheel has only one pocket. In European wheel, numbers are basically placed randomly in comparison to American wheel at which numbers are placed in pairs.

French Roulette – This also includes in one of the variations of roulette. In fact, this is one such variation that has better position than European Roulette. You will find such variations of roulette more frequently in all the online casinos today and is almost similar to both American and European. The advantage to French Roulette is the La Partage rule, which in essence means if 0 is called, then half of the even money bets are returned to the players. This brings the house edge down to a friendly 1.35%, much better than the other variations being offered.

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