Roulette Wheel

It is a well known fact that no game of roulette can be operated without roulette wheel. Though design of roulette looks simple but the arrangement of numbers and characteristics in the wheel is a bit complex. The wheel is basically a large bowl with slanted walls falling to separate compartments, which are just big enough to hold the marble once it comes to rest. These compartments, or pockets, are colored alternately red and black, with the zero-pocket colored green. While the number arrangement around the roulette wheel is the main predictor of randomness in traditional casinos, playing online is a little different.

Where the ball will come to rest in an online roulette wheel basically depends on a piece of software known as Random Number Generator (RNG). An online RNG in casinos is almost similar to RVG chip found in a slot machine. It gives or generates various random numbers each second and those random numbers are drawn when an event take place and then mapped to end result through a set of rules corresponding to the odds for a game. This is how you can get randomness as well as appropriate odds, precisely what you require for a proper game. This briefly describes about roulette wheel online.

There are basically two versions of casino roulette wheel – American version and European version. The only difference that we can make out between the two roulette wheels is the fact that American roulette wheel consists of two zero pockets one marked ‘0’ and one marked ‘00’. European roulette wheel basically comprises of 37 numbers whereas American wheel mainly consists of 38 numbers. A European roulette wheel will have a house edge of approximately 2.70 percent whereas the house edge of American wheel is roughly 5.26 percent.

Beginners should know about the differences of the above mentioned roulette wheels. Besides, they should find out some effective roulette wheel tips and apply while playing roulette online. Also know some roulette secrets and increase your chances of winning the game. Be very sure that you never apply the same winning roulette wheel tips more than thirty minutes at the same roulette table!

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