History Of Roulette

Roulette is probably one of the popular casino games. It is in fact the simplest game to start with. Every player has their own roulette secrets that may help them to win the game. The game has been played in earlier times also. It is now more developed, when we talk about the history the roulette, many of the people believed the game originated in China and was taken to Europe by tradesmen. According to some historians, game has its origin from ancient Rome when soldiers played by spinning wheels of chariots whereas some others strongly believe that it originated in Tibet.

As far as origin of roulette is concerned, many versions of the wheel and spinning ball originated in Europe in the early 17th century, majority accepted the view that roulette originated in its present form in France. In 1655, Blaise Pascal, French scientist invented the roulette wheel. Francois and Louis Blanc developed the single 0 roulette in the year 1842. At that time gambling was illegal in France so the game was launched in Germany. Then Francois introduced the game of roulette to Monte Carlo and till 1933 the game of roulette remained exclusive to Monte Carlo. In roulette history, the modern roulette wheel as we see today was first introduced or used in the year 1796 in Paris.

In the history of roulette the game was introduced to United States by the Europeans during 1800s. When the game reached US, the Americans modified it by using two zeros. Double zero became the standard in US leading ‘00’ table becoming the roulette system of choice in the United States. However, the ‘0’ table remained the standard throughout Europe. Hence now we have two different versions of roulette that has been played all over the world – American and European. In majority of the American casinos today, European wheel is used till today because of the better odds of winning. With the popularity of roulette ‘00’ were added to increase house odds.

The history of online roulette begins in the mid-90s with the advent of internet. Now people can enjoy their favorite roulette game at the comfort of their home. The history of roulette cannot really be pinned down to one place in particular although most believe that the game originated in France. Currently the game of roulette is played all over the world in both forms, American and European. Be sure to learn some roulette secrets beforehand and play this game with great fun.

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