Roulette Rules

Roulette game is one of the simplest casinos games to get started with. This game allows the greatest variety of possible ways you can wager. The roulette rules are simple and easy to learn. The only skill required is to decide how much and on which number to bet. Besides getting familiar with the simple online roulette rules you need to find out some roulette secrets to play the game and to be a winner. However, if you follow the basic rules of roulette, you won’t be having much problem playing the game.

You will discover roulette table set up in two different ways at casinos online - one with wheel at the end and the game layout on the other. The other table layout is one with the wheel at the middle of the table and layouts on both ends. Both American roulette and European roulette is available at online casinos. The only difference between the two is the 00 slot. Follow the given rules to play roulette online and start out the game easily:

1) When you play roulette you will not be competing with other players at the table. As per roulette rules online, the game can hold only eight players at the table. Each player at the roulette table will play against the croupier or dealer only.

2) As a rule, you have to place your bets at the roulette table. The dealer then spins the wheel in the counter clockwise manner. In case online roulette, it will spin automatically. After, rolls the ball into the outside track of the wheel to make it travel clockwise manner.

3) Following the roulette rules, you will be allowed to place wager even after the ball and wheel has been set in motion. However, as a rule you are not allow to place bet once the dealer declare ‘no more bets’.

4) Once the ball landed on the numbered slots, the dealer will let you know the number as well as the color of the slot. Then as per roulette rules, the dealer will collect the losing bets and dealer will pay off winning players. How much you will get or win actually depend on the kind of bet that you have placed. However, higher risk will naturally generate a higher payoff. These are the simple basic rules for playing roulette game.

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