Roulette Glossary

To begin betting at roulette table you need to learn the basic rules and strategies of the game. You should also discover some roulette secrets that will help you to increase your winning chances. Besides you need to get familiarize with the common roulette terms to play the game more efficiently. This brief roulette glossary provides a great introduction to roulette game as well as helps you know about the common roulette terms used in the game of roulette.

Check out this online roulette glossary and know about frequently used terms in the game of roulette: Croupier – The term croupier in roulette refers to the representative in the casino who is in charge of the roulette wheel.

House Advantage – This is one of frequently used roulette terms. It generally denotes the advantage of the house or casino has over you, the players in terms of winning.

Wheel check – This term also includes in the glossary of roulette. At casino roulette table you will find unmarked chips; these chips are referred to as wheel check.

Neighbors - This term mainly refers to the numbers on the either side of the winning number at the roulette table.

Column bet – One of the common roulette terms that you will often come across at roulette table is column bet. In this bet you can place any one of the three columns at the roulette table. If you win you will get a payout ratio of 2 to 1.

Corner bet – This is also one of the frequently used terms in roulette game. It refers to the bet that you can place on the on the point where any four numbers intersect, as the name suggests. This bet will give you a payout ratio of 8 to 1.

Dozens bet - This is one of the outside roulette bets. Here, you will place your bet on sets of 12 numbers at a time. If you win the casino will give you a payout ratio of 2 to 1.

Inside bets – Another term that you need to know is inside bets. The term refers to the bets that you can place on the numbers present inside the layout.

Outside bets – Outside bets refers to the bets that you make on the outer area of the roulette table. All outside bets pay even money.

Learn the above roulette glossary and improve your understanding of the game of roulette.

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